The world

This is the post excerpt.


The world is a dark place. Sometimes. It can be a place where everything seems impossible, unreachable, broken. A place where hope is so easy to inspire and so simple to destroy. 

Life is a long, dark alley way with a hundred doors and no sign posts. We can either choose to make decisions and hope to strive. Or linger at each doorway wondering what lurks behind each choice, considering the what ifs.

But what ifs are dangerous. The dreams that may never come. The whispers of fortune on the horizon. The sirens of the sea. If you live your life by what ifs, you risk living a life regretting your choices and beilieving the life you have chosen isn’t good enough. That if ONLY you had made a different decision, things would have turned out differently, better.

Living your life like that is wasteful. Destructive. Life should be lived in the moment. You will regret things and wish you had taken a diffferent path. But inevitably, your choices are your own and no matter the result, you should keep pushing forward, continue to pursue your dreams. No matter the obstacles in your path.

If you had chosen differently, taken the path you regret passing by, the obstacles would almost certainly remain the same. And therefore the wishes and desires still longed for and not yet achieved.

Life is for living. So live. 


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